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64px Removed From Codebase

Clockwork Cult was removed from rotation on April 3rd, 2018 and all code was removed completely from the game on October 15th, 2019. Clock Cult is unlikely to return unless someone revives it by reworking it from scratch as the original maintainer has abandoned it. This page is purely for historical reference.

Servant of Ratvar
Access: Maintenance
Additional Access: Anywhere you can Warp or fabricate to
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Supervisors: Ratvar
Duties: Forget to toggle your chameleon jumpsuit, don't set up any power generation, get crushed by an angry mech
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: "What's this lantern thi-" "QVR, URNGUR'A!!"

Although Nar-Sie is powerful in her own right, she has a mortal enemy: Ratvar, imprisoned ages ago in a conflict and endlessly seeking out freedom. Trapped in a place that none can enter or leave, Ratvar has enlisted the aid of (unwilling) servants such as yourself to free him.

If you're one of these servants and you have no idea what to do, you've come to the right place.

Introduction and Key Points

Despite the similar name, clockwork cult is nothing like the blood cult of Nar-Sie. While they both involve conversion (being cults) and both of their ultimate goals are to summon their respective gods, the similarities end there. While the blood cult is focused on sabotage, chaos, and stealth due to their status as normal crew, the servants of Ratvar need to worry about no such thing.

As a servant, you start on a z-level entirely separate from the station, called the City of Cogs (or Reebe, if you prefer.) This place can't normally be accessed by the station crew until a certain point, and comes outfitted with facilities for spying on, listening to, and getting onto the station, as well as disguises, spare materials, and an infirmary for healing yourself and fellow servants. Most importantly, it houses the Ark of the Clockwork Justiciar, which you will need to defend.

From the start of the round, the Ark has a countdown timer between 30 and 35 minutes. Once this time is up, the crew will be made aware of your presence, and all servants will be transported to and prevented from leaving Reebe; then, after a five-minute grace period, portals will open up on the station and allow the crew access to Reebe, from an area in the south that no servants can access. As a servant, your goal is to build defenses and sabotage the station to protect the Ark until it activates.

While such a task seems very daunting, rest easy! As a servant, you have a wide variety of tools at your disposal to make defending the Ark as painless as possible.

The Clockwork Slab File:Clockwork slab.gif

If you have experience with the blood cult, you can think of the clockwork slab as your version of a tome. It is the essential servant tool; it contains all of your special abilities as a servant, and you should have it on your person at all times.

The clockwork slab has several functions:

  • Recital lets you recite scripture, the clockwork cult's special powers and abilities. Most structures come from scripture.
  • Recollection displays an in-game guide for being a servant. You can toggle freely between this and Recital.
  • Up to Five Quickbind action buttons allow you to recite scripture without opening the slab interface. You can bind a scripture by clicking the Quickbind button next to its "Recite" button.

Clockwork slabs also generate a very small amount of power every second. Every human servant should have a slab! They're the key to any cult's success and you should have one at all times.

Your HUD 32px 32px

As a servant, you'll have several elements on your HUD that are all very important.

32px The global records display can be found in the top-right corner. Hovering over it will give you a short rundown of the status of the entire cult, including number of servants, stored power, and the Ark time left for its current phase. You should refer to this often to get a feeling for the state of your cult.

32px The Hierophant Network is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! Using it will allow you to send messages to all other servants, regardless of distance. Use this often to stay coordinated. Note that using it will make you whisper, so don't use it next to anyone who shouldn't be hearing you.


Servants don't use their own blood to power their magic like Nar-Sie's cult. Instead, they use power, measured in Watts like normal electricity. Just any power doesn't work for servants' tools, though. Power can be generated in various ways through different items and structures. Ensuring that you have a healthy supply of power is both easy to do and critically important to succeed as a servant.

Power is used by many structures, and it is used to power all scripture. Additionally, reaching certain power thresholds will unlock new tiers of scripture! 50 kW unlocks the Script tier. 100 kW unlocks the Application tier,

The Eminence

The Eminence is your leader. Elected by the servants through the Eminence spire, they are not a normal servant; instead, they are invisible, incorporeal, and can only interact in very limited ways. Anything they say is relayed to all servants in large text, and their goal is to serve as overwatch, coordinator, and leader.

The Eminence can travel between the station and Reebe at will, and can move freely as an all-seeing eye. Holy water will block its path, and it cannot enter the Chapel, but it is otherwise unrestricted. Note that it can't understand anything said stationside unless war is declared, meaning that while it can see movements and planning, it cannot overhear what people are discussing.

By middle-clicking, the Eminence can issue cult-wide commands that play a special sound and create a visible marker. This includes "Rally", "Regroup", "Avoid", and "Reinforce." It can also issue unique goal commands by middle-clicking itself, which provide an overarching directive. This includes "Defend the Ark", "Advance", "Retreat", "Generate Power", and "Build Defenses."

Finally, once per round, the Eminence can activate a mass recall. After a ten-second windup, coupled with a sound that all crew (servant or not) can hear, every living servant will be pulled directly to the Ark chamber.

The City of Cogs and the Ark

Here is a map of the City of Cogs:


  • The dark indigo room contains the Ark, which you need to defend.
  • The orange room contains camera observation consoles, which let you watch the station from afar and warp there. There are also two cogscarab shells here; any ghost can activate one to become a cogscarab, which is a tiny little clockwork construction drone built to build and reinforce! They can't recite scripture or leave Reebe, however.
  • The red area is where the crew will warp in once the Ark activates. You cannot access it and must build under the assumption that the crew will enter from there.
  • The pink room contains the Herald's Beacon. If enough servants vote to activate it by interacting with it, the servants will become much stronger but forfeit their stealth by alerting the crew to their presence early. Think carefully before deciding if you want to activate the beacon, but be quick; you only have five minutes to decide! This room also contains the incredibly useful Eminence Spire. This will allow a fellow servant to give up his mortal body to become Ravtar's closest connection to the mortal plane, The Eminence. The Eminece is a ghost-like invisible presence with the sole purpose of organizing and ordering the Servants. You can vote against a Servant becoming The Eminence if you interact the Spire after he/she has used it. More info on The Eminence later.
  • The blue room contains a wardrobe, mirror, and dresser for disguising yourself, in addition to five spare clockwork slabs.
  • The green room contains a list of frequencies as well as four intercoms that can be tuned to any frequency. Use this to spy on Security, Command, or other departments.
  • The teal room contains first-aid supplies and sleepers with powerful healing chemicals for treating wounds.
  • The large area between the red area and all of the other rooms is empty space to build in. This area should be fortified and built over, with specifics limited only by your imagination; sprawling labyrinths or huge chunks of reinforcement are both possible, as well as anything in between!

The Ark

The Ark spawns at roundstart at the northernmost point in Reebe. As a servant, your ultimate goal is to defend it until activation (which occurs automatically.) Defend the Ark with your life - if the Ark is destroyed, the round ends instantly with a cult loss. If it completes its summoning, however, it will result in a cult win and a brief period of revelation during which the cult and its servants are made unstoppable by the presence of Ratvar.

The Ark has five "phases", listed below. In each phase, you can examine the Ark or check your global info alert to see the remaining time until its activation.

Appearance Duration(s) Description

Build Phase
Prep Phase

30-35 minutes (charge-up)
5 minutes (grace period)
The Ark starts in this state, during which it is silent. This entire phase marks the time during which the servants should build fortifications and actively prepare to defend the Ark. After the first phase passes, there is a 30-second warning for all servants to get back to Reebe. Once this time is up, all servants will become marked and visible to all non-servants, and a station-wide announcement will inform the crew of the Ark's presence. There is then a five-minute grace period during which neither side can attack, for servants to finalize preparations and the crew to get ready for the assault.

Defense Phase

4 minutes When this phase begins, portals to Reebe will open up everywhere across the station in nearly every room over a one-minute timespan. Crew can enter these portals to emerge in one of the three spawn rooms, and cannot return to the station. This phase consists of the crew's first massive assault on Reebe, and is generally the hardest phase as the crew is at full strength.

Assault Phase

4 minutes This timespan marks the middle of the crew's attack period. Any stragglers from the station have likely ended up on Reebe by this point (as well as anyone who took extra time to arm themselves) and will be actively trying to kill you. If you managed to fend off the initial assault, the worst should be over, but always keep an eye out for one-man armies.

Cleanup Phase

2 minutes If you've made it to this point, congratulations; your victory is almost certainly assured by now. At this point, the crew has likely been butchered, converted, or both, and there is little to no resistance remaining to attempt to stop the Ark. During this lull, you should heal or revive any dead or dying servants, destroy any enemy corpses with vitality matrices, repair structures, and ensure nobody sneaks up on the Ark.

Declaring War File:Herald beacon.png

If your team is feeling confident or doesn't intend to use stealthy tactics, you might want to consider heralding Ratvar - effectively declaring war. In a room below the Ark is a machine called the herald's beacon. From the start of the round, the team has five minutes to vote on whether to activate it, with at least half of the team needing to cast votes in favor of activation. If activated, an announcement will immediately be made to the crew giving away all pretense of stealth, but you gain various benefits from this:

  • All servants are transformed from their current race into modified clockwork golems that are immune to space and radiation, cannot bleed, don't breathe, deal more damage on punching, and have 15% flat damage reduction against all sources. For obvious reasons, this makes you stick out like a sore thumb, so you may consider disguiseing.
  • Clockwork slabs become supercharged and recite all scripture 30% faster.
  • Every power cost is invisibly reduced by 50% of its original value.


Scripture are the unique powers that clockwork cultists possess. They cost power to consume and vary widely in effects; from healing allies to creating power generators to building defenses, they are one of your most vital tools as a servant, and secondary only to teamwork in ensuring your victory. To recite scripture, use your clockwork slab and make sure you have the Recital tab open.

Scripture is divided into three "tiers" - Drivers, Scripts, and Applications. Drivers are always unlocked and can be used at any time. Scripts are unlocked either when 50 kW of power is stockpiled or the Ark is halfway ready to activate, and Applications are unlocked either when 100 kW of power is stockpiled or another servant is converted.

Driver Scripture

These scriptures are unlocked by default and have no unlock requirement.

Icon Name Power Cost Description Invocation Time Invokers Required
File:Abscond.png Abscond 5 W + 95 W if pulling a mob Returns you to Reebe. If you're dragging a mob behind you, extra power will be spent in order to bring the mob with you to Reebe. 5 seconds 1
File:Kindle.png Kindle 125 W Charges the invoker's clockwork slab with energy. Attacking a tile that you can see with the slab will fire a short-range (2 tiles) projectile towards it; if the projectile hits a non-servant, they will be stunned and muted. Note that damage reduces the duration of the stun! This scripture is your main way of subduing targets for conversion. 3 seconds 1
File:Sigil of submission.png Sigil of Submission 125 W Creates a sigil of submission beneath you. It is glowing and obvious, so make sure to hide it or not place it until you're ready; it's a dead giveaway! When a non-servant is held over this sigil for eight seconds while another servant is nearby (this is important - it will not work otherwise), they will be converted into a servant if they're an eligible target.

Like all sigils, it can be destroyed by clicking on it with harm intent, so make sure to destroy it once you're done using it.

6 seconds 1
File:Hateful manacles.png Hateful Manacles 25 W Charges the invoker's slab with energy. While charged, you can hit any non-servant with it to start handcuffing them like a normal pair of handcuffs. Restraints made in this way fall apart once they're removed. 1.5 seconds 1
File:Vanguard.png Vanguard 25 W Applies the Vanguard buff for 20 seconds. Vanguard will absorb all stuns you take, allowing you to ignore them until the effect expires; when it does, 25% of the stuns absorbed will be applied to you at once. If you absorb over 30 seconds worth of stuns, you will be knocked unconscious for double the amount instead. 3 seconds 1
File:Sentinels compromise.png Sentinel's Compromise 100 W Charges the invoker's slab with energy. While charged, you can use it on any servant within your sight range (including yourself) to heal all of their brute, burn, and oxygen damage. However, half of all the damage healed is redone in the form of toxin damage, which isn't healed. This also removes all holy water from the body - the only thing that can deconvert you!

Because Reebe's floors heal toxin damage of servants above them, this is an efficient but slow form of healing.

3 seconds 1
File:Integration cog.png Integration Cog 10 W Creates an integration cog in your hand. This is a stealthy and slow power generator that can be inserted into any APC to passively drain its power for the cult. This is known as "cogging" the APC. Note that the cog can also slice open a locked APC's cover, so you don't need to use any other tools to cog an APC besides the cog itself!

Generates 5 W per second when in an APC, as long as the APC has the power to supply that amount.

1 second 1
File:Clockwork slab.gif Replicant 25 W Creates a new clockwork slab. 1.5 seconds 1
File:Wraithspectacles.png Wraith Spectacles 50 W Creates a pair of glasses that, when worn, allow you to see through walls. While worn, they slowly cause eye damage; this eye damage naturally heals when the glasses aren't in use.

16px If the herald's beacon is activated, the specs deal no eye damage, making them effectively infinite.

1 second 1
File:Sigiloftransgression.png Sigil of Transgression 50 W Creates a sigil of transgression below you. It's nearly invisible, and when a non-servant crosses it, they will be stunned for around ten seconds and blinded.

Like all sigils, it can be destroyed by clicking on it with harm intent.

5 seconds 1

Cyborg Scripture

Unique, Servant cyborg only scriptures. These count as Driver scriptures, but only certain cyborg modules have access to them.

Image Name Component Cost Description Invocation Time Invokers Required
File:Judicial.png Judicial Marker N/A Charges the invoker's slab with judicial force for the next five seconds. You can click on any turf within range to place a judicial marker that functions identically to the one produced by a judicial visor. 3 seconds 1
File:Vanguard.png Linked Vanguard N/A Functions similarly to the Vanguard scripture, but doesn't activate immediately; instead, it charges your slab with defensive force for the next five seconds. You can use this slab on another servant from range to grant both yourself and them Vanguard. 3 seconds 1

Script Scripture

Below is a list of all Script scripture. Script scriptures require the cult's total power to be at least 50 kW to unlock.

Scripture names in italics signify important scripture necessary to success.

Image Name Power Cost Description Invocation Time Invokers Required
File:Ocularwarden.png Ocular Warden 250 W Creates an ocular warden, a fragile defensive turret that deals burn damage to non-servants within a three-tile radius.

The warden does approx. 15 damage per second, reduced by 5% for every tile between the warden and its target, and 10% for every dense object between them.
Wardens have 25 max integrity, and cannot be placed within three tiles of one another.

10 seconds 1
File:Vitalitymatrix.png Vitality Matrix 1 kW Creates a vitality matrix, a hard-to-see sigil that will drain the health of non-servants that stand on it in the form of toxin damage.

For each point of damage done, one point of global vitality is created.
It will also destroy the bodies of any non-servants on top of it and produce a burst of an extra 100 vitality.
Finally, it will consume vitality to heal servants, and can revive dead ones for 150 vitality. Note that servants can only be revived in this way once per minute.

6 seconds 1
File:Clockworkproselytizer.png Replica Fabricator 250 W Creates a replica fabricator, an important omnitool that creates, converts, repairs, and destroys.

It can be used to consume brass, metal, glass sheets, plus metal rods, to create power directly.
Using it on airlocks, walls, floors, etc. will consume power to convert them to clockwork variants.
It also swaps clockwork walls to clockwork floors (and vice-versa) when used on them.
Use it in-hand to produce five brass sheets at a cost of 1.25 kW of power. This is your main way of getting construction materials.
Servants start with a fabricator by default. Note that power is drawn from the globally-available pool.

2 seconds 1
File:Judicialvisor.png Judicial Visor 400 W Creates a judicial visor, which can be worn as eyewear.

When worn, it can be used by a servant to create a 3x3 judicial marker at the target location, which slightly stuns everyone nearby and applies Belligerent, reducing their movement speed. After three seconds, the marker explodes, causing brute damage to anyone standing on top of it.
The visor has a 30-second cooldown.

1 second 1
File:Ratvarspear.png Clockwork Armaments 250 W Links a set of Ratvarian armor to the invoker. Order now and receive a Ratvarian spear too, absolutely free!

The armor and spear can be called separately:

- The armor will replace clothing you're wearing. It provides heavy brute and bullet resistance, as well as protects from fire, but is weak to lasers. It also protects from shocks and slipping. There is a 2-minute cooldown on calling the armor.

- The spear appears in your hand, and can be called and dismissed at will. It does 15 damage (10% armor penetration) by default, plus five extra burn. This burn damage also produces global vitality equal to the damage dealt.
The spear can also be thrown to deal 25 damage to the hit target, as well as stunning them. This snaps the spear, causing a 30-second cooldown period before it can be called again.

2 seconds 1
File:Spatialgateway.gif Spatial Gateway 400 W Creates a one-way gateway to a target conscious servant or clockwork obelisk. By default, it has only one use, and lasts for 4 seconds.

Spatial gateways opened to clockwork obelisks have doubled duration and uses.

8 seconds At least 1

Application Scripture

Below is a list of all Application scripture. Application scriptures require the cult to have 100 kW of power to unlock.

Scripture names in italics signify important scripture necessary to success.

Image Name Power Cost Description Invocation Time Invokers Required
File:Clockworkmarauder.gif Clockwork Marauder 8000 W Creates a shell for a clockwork marauder, a combat construct capable of deflecting projectiles with its shield. Repeated use in a short period of time causes the recital to take longer. 8 seconds 1
File:Sigiloftransmission.png Sigil of Transmission 200 W Creates a sigil that functions as a power access point, providing power to all structures nearby that require it. It draws this from the global pool.

Servant cyborgs can use it to recharge.
Small explosions in its vicinity will slightly charge it.

7 seconds 1
File:Maniamotor.png Mania Motor 750 W Creates a mania motor, which causes minor damage and a variety of negative mental effects in nearby non-servant humans, potentially up to and including conversion.

The effects will linger even if targets leave its range or the mania motor is turned off, though both of these things will cause the effects to fall off much more rapidly.
It consumes 150 W of power per second while active.

8 seconds 2
File:Clockworkobelisk.png Clockwork Obelisk 300 W Creates a clockwork obelisk, which has two functions when interacted with: Hierophant Broadcast and Spatial Gateway. It also functions as a target for all spatial gateways, scripture or obelisk.

Hierophant Broadcast sends a large message to all servants. This is useful for coordinating, but usually the Eminence has this role filled.
Spatial Gateway functions like the scripture of the same name; however, it has 5 uses, and lasts 10 seconds, in addition to being two-way.
Two-way gateways are double-edged - while it can be used to rescue servants, if someone notices the gate before it closes, they can easily follow or toss dangerous items into it.
Spatial gateways opened to an obelisk received doubled duration and uses.
It requires 50 W of power to send a broadcast, and 2 kW to open a gateway.

8 seconds 2

Structures, Sigils, Objects, Constructs, and Cyborgs

This is a listing of the various structures and constructs available to the Servants of Ratvar.


Clockwork structures with effects become up to 50% less effective (at 25% of maximum health) as they lose health.

All structures can be unsecured from the floor with a wrench.
This only applies to actual structures; brass windows, tables, and doors all have their own deconstruction/unsecuring steps.

Image Name Health Description Usage Tip Construction Value
File:Clockfloor.png Clockwork Floor N/A A clockwork floor produced by brass or a replica fabricator. Reebe is covered in an indestructible variety.

Replica fabricators can swap between these and clockwork walls at a power cost.

Servants standing on clockwork floors heal 3 toxin damage per second. 1
File:Brass window single.png Brass Window 80 A window produced with brass or by a replica fabricator. Provides a very small amount of CV and is a reasonable barrier. 1
File:Brass window.png Brass Window 120 A full-tile window produced with brass or by a replica fabricator. Provides a small amount of CV and is a reasonable barrier. 2
File:Brass table.png Brass Table 200 A brass table produced with brass or by a replica fabricator.

Brass Tables can be removed by welding them, then wrenching or screwdrivering them.

Provides a small amount of CV and a place to store items. 2
File:Wallgear.png Wall Gear 100 A gear produced with brass, by a replica fabricator, or by breaking down a clockwork wall.

Wall gears can be climbed like tables, unwrenched from the floor, and, if unsecured, deconstructed with a screwdriver.

Wall gears are essentially clockwork girders, can be plated with brass to construct a clockwork wall. 3
File:Brass windoor.png Brass Windoor 200 A windoor produced with brass or by a replica fabricator. Brass windoors only allow servants to pass. 3
File:Clockwall.png Clockwork Wall N/A A clockwork wall produced with brass or by a replica fabricator.

Replica Fabricators can deconstruct clockwork walls for a refund of 1 kW power.

Serves as a durable barrier. Can be superheated by the Eminence to prevent mechs from destroying them. 5
File:Pinion airlock.png Pinion Airlock 240 A Pinion airlock produced with brass or by a replica fabricator.

Pinion airlocks can be removed by wrenching them, then crowbarring the gear off.

Pinion Airlocks are difficult to remove and only allow servants to pass. 5
File:Ocularwarden.png Ocular Warden 25 Ocular Wardens will automatically damage a target non-servant that can see it within 3 tiles of it.

If the target has x-ray vision, it will attack them through walls. If the target is carrying a bible, it will target the bible first.
It deals 15 damage per second, reduced by 5% for each tile between the target and warden, and 10% for each dense object.

Ocular wardens, while lethal and powerful, are very easily smashed. Placing them behind barricades will make them more durable, but less damaging. 15
File:Maniamotor.png Mania Motor 100 Creates a mania motor, which causes minor damage and a variety of negative mental effects in nearby non-servant humans, potentially up to and including conversion.

The effects will linger even if targets leave its range or the mania motor is turned off, though both of these things will cause the effects to fall off much more rapidly.
It requires 150 W of power per second to run.

Mania motors are exceptionally good at protecting bases, as they cripple offensives and can potentially even convert some of those attacking. 20
File:Clockworkobelisk.png Clockwork Obelisk 150 Has two functions when interacted with: Hierophant Broadcast and Spatial Gateway. It also functions as a target for all spatial gateways, scripture or obelisk.

Hierophant Broadcast sends a large message to all servants. This is useful for coordinating, but usually the Eminence has this role filled.
Spatial Gateway functions like the scripture of the same name; however, it has 5 uses, and lasts 10 seconds, in addition to being two-way.
Spatial gateways opened to an obelisk received doubled duration and uses.
It requires 50 W of power to send a broadcast, and 2 kW to open a gateway.

Two-way gateways are double-edged - while it can be used to rescue servants, if someone notices the gate before it closes, they can easily follow or toss dangerous items into it. 20


Traps are useful objects produced with brass sheets. There are two types of trap: sender and receiver.
Senders are objects like levers and pressure sensors. They detect certain conditions and, when those are met, send a signal to all receivers they're linked to.
Receivers are the traps themselves, like brass skewers, that cause various things to occur when they receive a signal from a sender.
Senders and receivers can be linked by attacking them with a clockwork slab. The Eminence can also trigger traps by clicking on them.
Traps are built from brass sheets, and can be instantly deconstructed with a wrench.

Image Name Health Description Usage Tip
File:Brass lever.png Sender - Lever 75 The most simple sender. Activates when clicked. It's a lever. There's nothing else to it.
File:Pressure sensor.png Sender - Pressure Sensor 5 Pressure sensors trigger when a non-servant walks over them. They are mostly translucent in-game.
When built, pressure sensors will link with any receivers they're built on top of, to save time.
File:Brass repeater.png Sender - Repeater 15 Repeaters can be toggled on and off. When active, they will send a signal once every second. Useful for traps that perform well when they receive signals at constant intervals.
File:Brass skewer.png Receiver - Brass Skewer 40 A deadly spear trap. When not extended, it's difficult to see, appearing only a small, dark circle on the floor.

When activated, it will become dense and block passage. If someone is standing on it, it will impale them, dealing heavy damage and hoisting them into the air.
People impaled on skewers can use items and weapons, but not destroy the spear. They can resist to pull themselves off after 30 seconds, but can be helped off by another person after 6.
Cyborgs will not be impaled, but will take massive damage.
There must be a gap of one tile between any two skewers.

Combines well with pressure sensors, for obvious reasons.
File:Steam vent.png Receiver - Steam Vent 100 A vent that taps into the machinery of Reebe and vents excess steam when toggled.

While venting steam, the vent cannot be seen past, and slightly wets anyone walking over it. It has no other effects.
Steam vents cannot be placed directly adjacent to each other on cardinal directions; diagonally adjacent is fine.

Especially powerful when combined with wraith spectacles!


Sigils, while effective as unexpected traps, are incredibly fragile and can be easily removed by any non-servant hitting them with an item or simply striking them with an open hand.

You can stack multiple sigils of different types on a single tile, which allows you to create conversion traps, damage traps, or damaging conversion traps.

Image Name Description Usage Tip
File:Sigiloftransgression.png Sigil of Transgression Sigils of Transgression are nearly invisible, and, when crossed by a non-Servant, will lock that non-Servant in place for about 7 seconds while emitting a bright flash that will temporarily blind non-servants lacking eye protection.

The Sigil does not mute the target, and is immediately consumed when stunning a target.

Try stacking a Sigil of Submission and a Sigil of Transgression for a conversion trap.
File:Vitalitymatrix.png Vitality Matrix Vitality Matrices, when crossed by a non-Servant, will drain them of health, which fills all Matrices with Vitality, after a brief delay.

When crossed by a Servant, however, it will use drained Vitality to rapidly heal them of all damage until it runs out of Vitality. It cannot do both at once.
The Vitality Matrix can also revive dead Servants at a cost of 20 Vitality plus all of that Servant's non-oxygen damage in Vitality, in addition to consuming the Matrix.

Use the Vitality Matrix to heal usually difficult-to-remove damage such as cloneloss.
File:Sigil of submission.png Sigil of Submission Sigils of Submission, when crossed by a non-Servant, will attempt to convert them after 8 seconds if they remain on the Sigil for that time.
Both successful and unsuccessful conversion attempts will stun and mute the target and send an announcement over the Hierophant Network.
File:Sigiloftransmission.png Sigil of Transmission Sigils of Transmission can be activated to drain power from the nearby area and will power Clockwork Structures within 2 tiles.

While active, it will drain power from APCs, SMES units, non-Servant cyborgs, and mechs occupied by non-Servants.
The Sigil can be charged with Brass Sheets at a rate of 250W per sheet.
Using a Replica Fabricator on it will rapidly charge that Fabricator.

When crossed by a Servant cyborg, it will attempt to recharge that cyborg.


Image Name Health Description Playstyle Tips
File:Clockworkmarauder.gif Clockwork Marauder 120 Clockwork marauders are created by the scripture of the same name, and are well-rounded defensive constructs.

They have a unique mechanic, called shield health. Using their shield, marauders can block projectiles.
Each projectile the marauder is hit by has a 100% chance to be blocked, and will consume one shield health, regardless of damage.
Once shield health expires, the shield shatters, and projectiles will damage it normally.
Marauders regain one shield health every 20 seconds.

As a marauder, you are the front line. Try to prioritize protecting your fellow servants. Don't be afraid to give your life.
File:Scarab.png Cogscarab 50 Cogscarabs are friendly helper drones that cannot leave Reebe. Two shells spawn in the camera room at the start of the round, and can be activated by any ghost. You cannot obtain cogscarabs in any other way, meaning these two are the only two.

Scarabs are outfitted with a full set of tools and a replica fabricator. Their primary goal is to build defenses, and they are physically incapable of leaving the City of Cogs.
They can wield and use any kind of weapon, but can't fire guns, move slowly, and die fast.
Activating a cogscarab shell during a non-clockwork cult round will allow you infinite power and the ability to recite scripture. This is for players to learn the ins and outs of the gamemode in a safe environment!

Your entire purpose is to build. If power generation is insufficient, make do by cannibalizing unnecessary structures for brass.


Image Module Scripture Other Tools Playstyle Tips
File:RatvarStandard.png Standard Judicial Marker, Linked Vanguard Ratvarian Spear, Cyborg Fabricator Your main strength is in combat; Linked Vanguard allows you to charge at enemies that would normally disable you and attack them with your spear and judicial markers. However, you also have the basic construction and crit-stabilising abilities that come with your module.
File:RatvarEngineering.png Engineering Replicant, Sigil of Transmission Cyborg Fabricator As you have only relatively basic tools, your use is to, more or less, create 5 layers of clockwork walls around the clockcult's base.

In addition, you are capable of producing power for clockwork structures and other cyborgs.

File:RatvarJanitor.png Janitor Replicant, Sigil of Transgression, Ocular Warden, Mania Motor Cyborg Fabricator As a Janitor cyborg, you use is similar to an Engineering cyborg, except you create active defenses instead of passive ones.

Use all of your tools to reinforce a clockcult base in conjunction with an Engineering cyborg or a helpful human Servant.

File:RatvarMedical.png Medical Linked Vanguard, Sentinel's Compromise, Vitality Matrix, Mending Mantra, Fellowship Armory Ratvarian Spear As a Medical cyborg, you exist to heal and defend other Servants; with Sentinel's Compromise you are extremely able to revive allies during combat.

You're a combat medic; with Linked Vanguard and Sentinel's Compromise, you are very difficult to kill or disable while attacking with your spear.

File:RatvarPeacekeeper.png Peacekeeper Belligerent, Judicial Marker Ratvarian Spear You exist to fucking murder any enemies of Ratvar; with your combination of scripture, you are extremely suited to disabling and killing large numbers of enemies.
File:RatvarService.png Service Replicant, Tinkerer's Cache, Spatial Gateway, Fellowship Armory, Clockwork Obelisk Truesight Lens As a Service borg, you exist to assist other Servants; you can hand out slabs, make caches, equip allies with armor, and create gateways to allies or obelisks.

Your biggest strength is probably communication; with a Clockwork Obelisk, you can talk in extremely large text, which is wonderful for coordinating Servants.

File:RatvarMiner.png Miner Linked Vanguard, Spatial Gateway Ratvarian Spear, Truesight Lens As a Miner cyborg, you're mostly defensive combat-based; you're able to avoid stuns with Linked Vanguard and your own kinetic accelerator.

With your Truesight Lens, you can spot people assembling outside a clockcult base, or notice people with the Chameleon mutation fading out, allowing you to attack them before they realize you know they're there.

Cult Strategy

The primary threats in the defensive phase are the advanced weapons in the armory, cargo, and science, Genetics monsters, and RCD's. One of your primary objectives should be to disrupt the production of such devices before the five minute grace period. The armory can be easily looted with an accomplice to eliminate the security robot, genetics and cargo can be subverted or destroyed, Research can be wiped with a screwdriver and teleports to three rooms, and recovery of these assets can be prevented with a trip to engineering storage. Your teleport is basically free, abuse this as often as possible. armory weapons are much more powerful and concealable then anything you get early in the round. Giving a taser to a convert and setting them on their friends isn't the worst way to round up more converts.

A cultist or so should spend some time building walls, defenses, and traps from the top down for when the crew attempts to invade. Each room and set of defenses and traps will serve as means to divide up the invading crew, and create advantages for those defending. At times it might be more advantageous to, when trapping a crewmember during the invasion, to attempt to convert them to the cult instead. If you're unlucky you wasted time converting someone with a mindshield implant, otherwise your numbers just grew by one, and theirs down by one!

You can teleport into areas without the crew knowing by warping into airlocks. Extra points if you have kindle prepared beforehand for an instant warp-->stun. The airlock actually hides the animation of you shifting in, allowing for you to ambush and nab the HOP/HOS/Capt/whatever important target.

Threats to the Enlightened

Although the servants of Ratvar are gifted with great power, they are still threatened by many things on the station. This can range from enemy cultists to things as simple as hard vacuum.

Nar-Sian Dogs File:Cultist.png

The one thing that Ratvar hates more than people telling him that he has a bad name are the followers of his nemesis, Nar-Sie. Not only are Ratvar's servants incapable of converting them, but they endeavor to do the very thing that Ratvar wants to prevent: Nar-Sie's arrival into the mortal plane. The two cults are enemies of one another, serving rival gods with rival goals. As such, Ratvarian magic will be more effective against Nar-Sian cultists. The opposite is also true; much of Nar-Sie's magic is more effective against Ratvar's servants.

Security and the Chaplain Generic hos.pngGeneric chaplain.png

Nar-Sie's cult is generally absent on the stations that Ratvar's servants are present, but the watchful eye of Security and heretical priests is ever-present. A tactical security assault can demolish the most well-prepared servant defences, and the chaplain's holy weapon weakens the Justiciar's magic; a holy weapon makes the user totally immune to the affects of sigils, for instance, and holy water will purge the light of Ratvar from even the most powerful servant's mind, given time.

It should be one of the servants' top priorities to damage and hamper Security. The Warden and the Head of Security can issue powerful weapons to loyal crew, which will make your time defending a whole lot harder if the crew is armed with e-guns and laser guns rather than spears. Keep in mind that servants cannot normaly convert security officers due to their mindshield implants, though. If you feel like going the extra mile, you can abduct an officer (or, even better, the HoS), and teleport them to Surgery with a friend to surgically remove the implant in order to convert them. As for the chaplain? Well, Ratvar says "Suffer not a heretic to live", so the answer should be self-evident.



Once you've defended the Ark for enough time, Ratvar will come forth.

His destructive power is unmatched, turning the minds of the unenlightened and twisting the very walls to suit his image.

Few things are capable of challenging Ratvar's sheer power.

One of them is Nar-Sie.

If Ratvar and Nar-Sie encounter one another,

Th̗̮̪̹́ͅe̘n̺ ̤̣͟ơ͙͈̻n̵̘̦l̫̬̀ͅyͅ ̲ò̮̤n̼̻̼̖̭̪͠ͅe̬͚͕̲̻̰ ҉͚̞͙̞̭̼s̡͖h̜̻̞̣̩̟ͅa̴͉͍̯̟͎̠l̳̝̖̫͞ḷ͔̘̞͞ ̯̞̥̱̲͙̕ͅe̛̙m̦̻̗̹̝̹͘e͈r̫g͕͉̠e͢ ̮͎̗̮̭̭̝a̱͍͍ͅl͙̗͔̹̻̗͈i͕͕̣̫̳̞v̗͈͍͝e.̛̟

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Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Paramedic, Chemist, Virologist
Supply Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
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